About Bismarck Technology and Learning Institution Ltd.

Bismarck Technology and Learning institution Ltd., engages in research, development and manufacturing of technologically based goods and services. We work with software companies around the world to create a learning platform for individuals and companies through informative technology.

Bismarck Technology and Learning Institution Ltd., has combined our in-house diagnostic platform technology and artificial intelligence (AI) development capabilities with digital healthcare platforms through partnerships. We are positioning the company to approach the Caribbean and South America’s Health sectors, to become a significant player in the digital healthcare revolutions.

Our learning platform is an online institute model designed to provide Self-Paced Learning for various Technology courses.

We offer Introductory Courses in the field of Technology, suitable for individuals who wish to pursue Basic Technology Enhance Certifications leading to Skills Acquisition and Professional Certification suitable for new beginners and entry-level positions. All courses are tailored to meet individuals specific career needs.

One of the most important advantages of our courses is that you can study at your own page. It’s really essential since everyone has their own timing. Such flexibility is utmost important when it comes to online educational services. You just have to log in and start training. When you feel you are ready to pass an exam, do it whenever you want. In addition, you can read and view the materials as many times as you need.

We believe that technology education is for everyone and we are committed to making technology education and professional training more accessible, and more affordable so many individuals from all walks of life can showcase their talents.


Why study at Bismarck Technology?

24/7 Unlimited Access

We use top-rated course materials for training, available 24/7 online from experienced educators and professionals around the world, including local and overseas content for wider learning and better understanding. The design of the course materials offer a tremendous opportunity for individuals to study comprehensively without the constrains of time and location, whether you are learning form your desktops, laptops or smart mobile phones, we’ve got you covered. You have unlimited access whether online or offline, the Video Lectured are downloadable for offline learning suitable for students with limited internet access.

Login and Study, 100% Online

Students have the opportunity to login and study from anywhere anytime. Spare time can be turned into an educational experience whether it is at work, home or on the road. The courseware is accessible from anywhere in the world where you access to internet with your devices.

Self Paced Interactive Learning

Our e-learning is completely self-paced so that students have complete control over study times as well as speed of course which assures learning flexibility. Students can also review the material as often as they need to and with the ability to search the entire courseware on any keyword or phrase it is a great resource. Our course materials are powered by carefully selected top coursewares online, designed on sound tutoring principles, from extensive research in instructional design, self learning and information processing.

Practical Web and Video Lectures

With the technology now available, it’s clear that simply broadcasting pre-recorded lectures is no longer an option for forward-thinking learning providers such as Bismarck Technology and Learning Institution Limited.

The web coursewares provide both text, charts and image illustrations, depicting enough for vivid information and clarity about a topic or subject including practical video lectures delivered by experienced tutors.

Training Formats:

  1. Web Tutorial
  2. PDF Tutorial
  3. Video Lectures

Industrial Training

We help improve your practicality and gain industry experience via our Industrial Training program. Industrial Training is on the job training designed to help improve practical skills and gain industry experience on a course program, also known as internship.

If you are interested in our industrial training, you will be asked to print out an industrial training letter upon successful completion of the online training, this letter will be submitted to any organization that specializes in the area of your course program in your country for 4 – 8 weeks (or more depending on course) for freelance work and observation on your chosen course for real industry experience.

Benefits of Industrial Training:

  • Practical Skill Acquisition
  • Industry Experience
  • Job Opportunity

Exams re-take available

Examinations are online. You can attempt the exams anytime you are ready. If you couldn’t pass the first time, do not worry, you can retake the exams as many times as possible without any additional fee or hidden charge.

Mode of exams:

  1. Objective (30-40 questions depending on Course) – For Diploma
  2. Objective and Theory – For Advanced Diploma
  3. Theory and Practice – For Master Class

Earn Diploma Certificate

A level of competence commonly accepted and valued by the industry. Many employers give preference in hiring applicants with certification. They view this as proof that a new hire knows the procedures and technologies required.

A Diploma Certificate will be issued in your name, emailed to you upon successful completion of the Online Exams.

The certificate is professionally designed; you can use high quality paper for printing out directly from your email; or if you wish you can request for a print copy from us to be shipped to your physical address which attracts a print and shipping fee. The certificate is personalized with your name, date, the title of the course and signed by our certifying officer.

Jobs Finder and CV Builder

The Jobs Finder Portal provides you with real time Jobs Opening and Vacancy Updates curated globally. Start applying for your dream job with ease in any location you choose in few clicks.

The CV Portal provides you with a CV Builder App, comprehensive guide and proven steps to take in writing a professional and impressive CV for your dream job hunt including top CV templates to get you started quickly.

Career Guide and Interview Skills

We also provide complete career guide upon successful completion of the online program for all graduates, these include:

  1. Work ethics
  2. Behavioural skills
  3. Leadership skills
  4. Interview skills
  5. Professional profile
  6. Tech updates

Certificate Programs

We offer certified online courses in the fields of Computing and Industrial Technology leading to Skills Acquisition and Diploma Certification.

Certificate Programs:

  1. Diploma
  2. Advanced Diploma
  3. Master Class Available Programs

Available Certificate Programs Course Categories:

  • Information Technologies
  • Microsoft Technologies
  • Google Technologies
  • Adobe Technologies
  • Python Technologies
  • JAVA Technologies
  • Web Technologies
  • CISCO Technologies
  • Software Quality
  • Computer Programming
  • Digital Marketing
  • Database Management

Corporate Training

We offer Corporate Training Program for Businesses and Schools.

Suitable for:

  • Corporate Bodies
  • Institutes
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Training Centers
  • Tutors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • For Business Owners: Train your staff and grow your business